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08/06/16 4:24:52 PM | Events | Food | News

Meat on the Move: Find us at Fenwick.

Walk into the Newcastle institution of Fenwick and follow your nose to the Food hall and there you’ll find us. To set the scene, Fenwick Newcastle got in touch and asked us if we’d be interested in popping up in the new street food counter in the Food Hall, and, in our endless quest to bring BBQ to the people the answer was of course sure!

We’re open and Smokin’ from Monday-Saturday serving our badass brand of barbecue with our classics including Badass Brisket and Memphis Hog Butt alongside some of our newest additions – The Texicano and Mexicano Soft Tortillas.

So next time you are passing through Fenwick just remember to follow your nose and get some meat on the move.

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