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09/11/16 3:19:34 PM | Events | Food | News

Chilli-Con-Carnage has Landed.

We’ve done it again and brought you another killer specials menu fresh from the Longhorns Lab…

This time we have something for everyone with the all-new Chilli-Con-Carnage specials menu and you’re guaranteed to get more BANG (or burn)  for your buck!

Take your pick of some Texican favourites including Chilli Cheese Fries, Chilli Cheese Nachos, The Redneck Chilli Dawg, a Sloppy Josè and one of our famous smokehouse patties topped with our knockout chilli aka The Smokin’ Bandito! We are also very pleased to announce the arrival of Que’so, our homemade molten and spiced cheese sauce- the ultimate dip for just about anything! Once you’ve made a call on the dish just pick your heat level and we’ll sort the rest:


Be warned though, we aren’t messing about here- Hot is Hot and TexAss-Torture…..

Well we all get the picture!


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