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05/12/16 12:02:06 PM

It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Carnivorous Christmas Party…

Left your Christmas party planning duties too long? Don’t Panic we’re looking out for you here at Longhorns. Make your Christmas Party carnivorous from the Loft at Longhorns Jesmond! We’ll…

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12/11/16 8:25:16 AM

It’s Time to Plan Your Carnivorous Christmas Party!

        Christmas Parties….How many of them can you actually remember being half-decent, If you can remember them at all that is? Well this year there’s no need to…


09/11/16 3:19:34 PM

Chilli-Con-Carnage has Landed.

We’ve done it again and brought you another killer specials menu fresh from the Longhorns Lab… This time we have something for everyone with the all-new Chilli-Con-Carnage specials menu and…


02/08/16 4:38:56 PM

Summer at the Slaughterhouse.

Summer is shaping up to be busy at the Slaughterhouse. Join us at the Slaughterhouse Speakeasy this summer for various events from our very own prohibition speakeasy at Longhorns Jesmond….

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12/07/16 4:10:14 PM

The All-New Summer Menu is Here!

Don’t say we don’t listen, We’ve taken all of our customer feedback onboard and launched the new Longhorns Summer Menu. Trust us, we’ve brought our A-game and added some serious new players…

Badass Brisket

18/06/16 8:00:20 AM

The Shotgun Lunch Menu £7. Pre-order and get more ‘Bang’ for your Buck.

Put down the packed lunch and be the envy of the office – just head to Longhorns. The all-new Shotgun Lunch Menu is here, aimed at bringing more bang for…

Longhorns Slaughterhouse Speakeasy

13/06/16 8:01:40 AM

Cocktails have landed but Shhhhhh…….Keep it to Yourself.

The newest addition to Longhorns Jesmond has landed, our very own cocktail hideout – The Slaughterhouse Speakeasy. Launched under a cloud of secrecy in early May, The Speakeasy has attracted…


08/06/16 4:24:52 PM

Meat on the Move: Find us at Fenwick.

Walk into the Newcastle institution of Fenwick and follow your nose to the Food hall and there you’ll find us. To set the scene, Fenwick Newcastle got in touch and…


18/04/16 3:50:11 PM

Rub Me Up The LONGHORNS Way!

We’re excited to announce that our own special blends of rubs and sauces will soon be available for popular consumption. So you can add a little of that smokehouse flavour…


18/04/16 3:05:07 PM


“You can’t just be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your MEAT“. Sheffield already feels like home. As we…