We’re in the Meat game providing a taste that you won’t find outside of Texas with the help of our partners Voy Media. Prepared using only British livestock from Northumberland and beyond. Our Meat is then rubbed with a blend of authentic spices before being smoked low & slow over hickory for up to 24 hours. Everything you eat at our place from the sauces to the slaws are made fresh and prepared by yours truly. Therefore wherever you come into contact with the Longhorns stamp you’re sure to experience our highest standards. Everything taken care of from barn to board.

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The Ranch

Being as we’re all about meat, and that we require so much of it, the only way to ensure it’s the best Great British produce is to invest in our own Ranch. Thus ensuring Longhorns signature quality from grass to grill, sunshine to smokehouse. The Longhorns ranch is also the home of ‘Longhorns MEAT’ our adventure into the world of butchering, cold smoking, and cuts. A whole lot can happen before your MEAT meets the grill. Our online ‘chop shop’ will be up and running shortly. 


We are constantly out on the road bringing the Longhorns signature Texas low and slow formula to hundreds of events. From the Boiler Shop to Brew Dog, Battle Of The Burger to Festivals and more. Keep in the loop by visiting or by visiting our dedicated Facebook page and twitter. 

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